1. About MSDES

    MSDES, Jhajjar is registered under the provisions of the society registration act 2012 under the registration number HR 015201900727. The society has it owns a hierarchy to keep it functional. The idea of one is now merely to serve the people for a lifetime. Only education is the tool, which is given once and can bring a huge difference in one’s life. The future of the nation is totally depending on the youth generation and the upbringing of them is only alter by education. The society works for best academic solution, career counseling, therapeutic benefits, awareness of seasonal diseases, vocational courses, free tuition classes, organizes conferences etc. MSDES is differ from others because we aid humans and animals. Veterinary services are our USP. Society comprises of medical professionals; those use their professional skills to get best results. We appreciate the efforts which is neglected by several's

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to educate the young generation to choose their career wisely, to educate citizens for the betterment of lifestyle. We as a society, helps the people to resolve their health issues in minimum cost or zero cost.

Society Awareness

Skill Development

Promote Paramedical

Education Awareness

Our Aims & Objectives

  1. To establish an educational institute for primary, secondary and undergraduates and contact top-notch classes for the same.
  2. To bring a better understanding of the paramedical and veterinary scope and courses.
  3. To establish a training center of vocational courses keeping the idea of empowerment in mind.
  4. To undertake social humalitarian service during natural calamities.
  5. To organize seminars, conference for paramedical courses and career co-counseling.
  6. To serve the needy people with the therapies (Ayurveda, homeopathy,cupping therapy, panchakarma therapy, acupuncture, acupressure) done by expert medical professionals.
  7. To organize programs and campaigns for social awareness of common diseases in society and educate people about their treatment.
  8. To enhance the knowledge of the farmers by educating them on the latest agriculture, techniques and basics livestock management (housing, seasonal feeding, disease management of animals

Our Mission

Best-Recognized Society

To be one of the best-recognized society all over the nation which is known for quality services and reach to the unprivileged people and solemnly aid them.

Our Team

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