1. To establish an educational institute for primary, secondary and undergraduates and contact top-notch classes for the same.

    2. To bring a better understanding of the paramedical and veterinary scope and courses.

    3. To establish a training center of vocational courses keeping the idea of empowerment in mind.

    4. To undertake social humalitarian service during natural calamities.

    5. To organize seminars, conference for paramedical courses and career co-counseling.

    6. To serve the needy people with the therapies (Ayurveda, homeopathy,cupping therapy, panchakarma therapy, acupuncture, acupressure) done by expert medical professionals.

    7. To organize programs and campaigns for social awareness of common diseases in society and educate people about their treatment.

    8. To enhance the knowledge of the farmers by educating them on the latest agriculture, techniques and basics livestock management (housing, seasonal feeding, disease management of animals.